Change is inevitable. Whether by choice, by decisions of others or by default, we are impacted by change. Whether the experience is good or bad, we will always know change on this side of Heaven. We experience so many different changes in life that it would be extremely hard to count or reflect on all of them. There are some changes that are barely noticeable and seem to creep up on you, like realizing that my metabolism is not the same and now suddenly there is an extra bit of jiggle around the arms. Yes, this change has caused me to face the fact that I am getting older. Then there are changes on the job, like organizational restructuring or co-workers moving on to exciting new opportunities. There are changes in our relationships and friendships that we once held so dear. These changes may be due to other factors of change like pursuing a degree or getting married and having children; activities that limit the ability to talk and cultivate the relationship as before. Depending on how much change may push us outside of our comfort zones, it can be very intimidating or downright scary because of the unknown. In truth, many of us will stay where we are, though we may be curious about the possibilities of change. Fear sets in because change causes us to delve into less familiar territory. We may reason that at least we know what’s involved in our current situation, but can’t this even be a misperception because again, change is inevitable?

Recently I reflected on the dynamics of my relationship with God over the past ten years or so. It occurred to me that a great deal of changes have transpired in my life during those years. Some of the changes were HUGE and others were small and I did not have a clue as to how these would impact my life. Not to mention that some of them were really scary to face. I’ve relocated from Detroit to New York City and then to Texas. I’ve said goodbye to acquaintances and co-workers, church members and family members. In some cases, these changes ultimately resulted in some relationships ending. In other cases, friendships have remained but the dynamics have changed. Some of my experiences with change had nothing to do with my own decision making, I found that I went along with the ride by default. I have seen people come and go. I have seen the environment around me make a drastic change. I have watched old neighbors move out and new neighbors move in. I have seen children grow up and go on to college and find their own path in life. Wow, now I’m really beginning to realize that I’ve gotten older! However in all of this change, there has been one great constant, God has been there the entire time. How comforting is the revelation of that fact!

Why is that so comforting? Because I too have been intimidated by change and I have stayed because it was thought to be the easiest or safest thing to do. However, that moment of reflection that I spoke of earlier has shone a light on the fact that no matter where I’ve been or who has been in my life, the Lord has always been there and has been an ever present Help. Though I have seen loved ones pass on, He remains. Though I may change how much time I spend in prayer and seeking Him, He Himself has not changed. I’ve said it before and I’ll even remind myself that He has always been faithful and always will be. Yes change is a part of life but knowing that He is the One constant in the midst of continuous change makes navigating the change less intimidating. He’s proven to us that He will always be there and that fact alone lets us know that we can rely on Him, even in change.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17 NIV).


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