There is a biblical account of a time of severe famine for the children of Israel. While suffering this natural event, they were also being held in siege by their enemies. You can imagine there was a great lack. Normally priced items were being sold for huge prices and some necessities were scarce. It seemed obvious that the odds were stacked against them. God sent a prophet to encourage the king and reassure him this situation would end. He said even the very next day there would be plenty once more. One of the king’s officers questioned whether such a turnaround could occur in a short time. His reasoning was that even if God would open the floodgates, it could not happen.

So the night passed and the new day arrived and do you know what happened? The next day there was plenty. God had caused the besieging army to go into great panic and flee. They left all of their belongings and supplies behind. The people went out and retrieved all that the opposing army left behind. As God had said, the situation did end.

The king’s officer could not conceive such an occurrence because his perception was limited. However God is not limited in the least by what we can conceive. Do not fear but let this be an encouragement that God is not limited by anything; our God has endless possibilities.

Based on 2 Kings 6:24 – 7:19

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