Are you taking a beating by the bumps and bruises of life?

Are you ready to give up and call it a wash? You can’t give up!

Instead ask yourself, “How can I change my life?”

Let’s face it…

Obstacles in life are inevitable; we can’t avoid them. However we can look to Someone who will help us to navigate through them, that Someone is Jesus Christ. God loves you and He cares about you.

He has victory planned for your life through Jesus Christ. He is the reason why you can become an overcomer.

Choose His plan and way of dealing with life’s obstacles and be a winner no matter how things look.

This book includes a series of key principles and lessons that serve as Road Markers for life’s journey.

Learn how God can change your life and teach you to gracefully drive through the obstacles in life. Come drive down Victory’s Road.

Paperback $10


Workbook $10


Do you have a group of friends or bible study group looking for a new study? The Victory’s Road Workbook is a great companion to the Victory’s Road book. It can be used as a tool for studying with groups and individually.

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